Nadine Dorries’ Friday night TalkTV show 'axed' after less than a year on air

Nadine Dorries is a former Tory Cabinet minister (PA Wire)
Nadine Dorries is a former Tory Cabinet minister (PA Wire)

Nadine Dorries’ talk show has seemingly been axed from TalkTV after less than a year on air.

The weekly Friday night programme does not appear to have been shown since December 15 last year.

She told The Mirror she and the network "are just in talks about a new contract".

But the former Tory Cabinet minister said she could not say whether she will still have her own show.

However, Ms Dorries insisted the show had not been a failure, and added: "The programme did great actually… so I live in the Cotswolds and a year of standing on Paddington at 7 o’clock at night to go home isn’t what I want to do."

The politician first appeared on TV as a guest presenter in October 2022, before she started her own show in February the next year.

Ms Dorries quit as an MP last August, 81 days after she announced her resignation from the Commons.

She said she had stayed on to try and find out why she had not been given a seat in the House of Lords.

Her Mid-Bedfordshire seat was was taken by Labour during a by-election last October.

Ms Dorries is a well-known ally of Boris Johnson's, and has written a book about his downfall called The Plot.

In it, she claims there is a Tory fixer in Downing Street, who has essentially been running British politics for years.

She says he chopped an ex-girlfriend's rabbit up and tried to set fire to a house with children sleeping inside it.

Mr Johnson helped Dorries with the book, giving on-the-record interviews to her in which he reflected on his time in office, but it is not clear what he thinks about what many have dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

The Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO), a group of Johnson loyalists, said in a statement that there should be a government inquiry into the “pattern of undemocratic practices” inferred by Ms Dorries.