Naomi Campbell shares how childhood bullies ruined her confidence

Naomi Campbell has explained how cruel taunts from bullies dented her confidence as a child.

The 54-year-old mother-of-two is one of the biggest supermodels in the world with a career that has spanned decades and has won her praise and affection on a global scale.

However, she has recalled that confidence and adoration eluded her in her youth and she was left feeling "awkward" and uncomfortable by the comments of her peers.

Speaking on the Cambon Podcast, Naomi recalled, "I wasn't at ease with myself because I was very skinny and quite tall for my age. And they used to call me Olive Oyl.

"And, you know, kids call each other names. My neck's quite long, so I used to try to shrug my neck down so it wouldn't be so long. I felt awkward."

By the time she became a model, however, Naomi knew how to assert herself and was prepared to stand up for herself when she faced discrimination in her career.

She said, "I had a voice and I would speak out if there was something that was unfair and not just. Especially if I was working the same hours, doing the same job, but not being paid the same, I will speak about this."

The modelling superstar is now the subject of a retrospective of her career titled Naomi in Fashion at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London which runs until April 2025.