Naomi Osaka’s Hana Kuma & Rebel Maverick Developing Manga ‘Allure: The Evening Primrose’ As Adult Anime Series; Tennis Champ To Voice Lead

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Osaka is getting further into anime.

The tennis star’s production company Hana Kuma has teamed with Rebel Maverick, run by the queer, Afro-Latinx writing and producing team, Matt Nicholas and Nastassja Kayln, to develop manga series Allure: The Evening Primrose as an adult anime TV series.

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It is based on Noir Caesar Entertainment’s manga of the same name.

Osaka will lead the voice cast and exec produce the series, which will be adapted and written by Kenny Byerly (Big Hero 6: The Series).

The series, originally written by comic book writer Sinitus Tempo, follows Akane Koizumi (Osaka), a talented rookie assassin for the Adachi crime family, who longs to receive “Allure,” a dangerous drug that enhances the abilities of elite killers known as “Death Bringers”. However, when she and her team cross the Adachis and are marked for death, they must find a way to survive and fight back against the Death Bringers who are now pursuing them.

Noir Caesar Entertainment’s CEO and Founder, Johnny O’Bryant, will also serve as executive producer in addition to Nicholas, Kayln, and Jane Kim Yang of Rebel Maverick, as well as Hillary Levi.

The two companies will take it out to market early this year.

Osaka is represented by Evolve, Byerly by APA and The Cartel, Rebel Maverick by Navigation Media Group, Hana Kuma by CAA, and Levi by attorney Matthew Saver.

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