NASA Is Testing ‘Impossible’ Warp Drive Engine- And It Seems To Be Working

EM Drive Robert Shawyer
EM Drive Robert Shawyer

NASA is testing a fuel-free engine which has been described as ‘impossible’ - and it seems to be working.

The concept of the EM Drive was considered implausible - and scientists suggested that it broke the laws of physics.

But in its first public update on its tests, NASA has said that the engine still appears to work.

The engine works by bouncing microwaves around inside an enclosed container, and was designed by British researcher Roger Shawyer.

Previously, NASA researchers have said that the drive is ‘ producing a force that is not attributable to any classical electromagnetic phenomenon’.

If the ‘EM Drive’ works, it could take humans to Mars in a fraction of the time currently possible - landing people on the Red Planet within just 10 weeks. .

Paul March of NASA said, 'I will tell you that we first built and installed a second generation, closed face magnetic damper that reduced the stray magnetic fields in the vacuum chamber by at least an order of magnitude and any Lorentz force interactions it could produce,' he said

'And yet the anomalous thrust signals remain.'