Nashville school shooting: Bodycam video shows moment attacker was shot dead by police

Graphic video has been released of the moment the Nashville school attacker was shot dead by police.

Audrey Hale, who identified as a transgender male and was a former student of the private Christian school, killed three pupils aged nine and three adults before being stopped.

Footage from Officer Rex Engelbert's bodycam shows him opening fire with a rifle several times on Hale before the perpetrator falls to the ground injured.

Police then head towards the 28-year-old just a few metres away as officers shout "move, move", and "watch out, watch out".

The attacker, now on the floor, is hit by several more police gunshots before an officer yells to the suspect "stop moving, stop moving", with the killer appearing to be still alive as one of their arms moves.

An officer screams "throw your hands away from the gun, get your hands away from the gun", while another says "suspect down, suspect down".

Hale's body is then shown lying next to the weapons, including a rifle, the assailant used in the deadly Monday morning attack on the second floor of the Covenant School in Tennessee.

A second clip shows what happened from a different angle with footage from Officer Michael Collazo's bodycam. He is shown firing his pistol at Hale in the second volley of shots after the suspect was already on the ground.

Minutes earlier, the officers had stormed the building as video showed several going from empty classroom to empty classroom before making their way to the second floor.

Multiple gunshots are heard in the footage as officers run down a hallway - past what appears to be a victim - and into a lounge area, where the suspect is seen dropping to the floor after being shot.

Police said the suspect was killed after a confrontation with officers.

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The start of the six-minute police video shows Officer Engelbert retrieving a rifle from his car boot before a member of staff directs him to the entrance, telling him that the school is locked down but at least two children are not accounted for.

"Let's go! I need three!" the officer yells as he uses a key to unlock a door and enter the building, where alarms can be heard ringing.

Hale was described by officials as a "lone zealot", who lived in Nashville, and was armed with two assault-type weapons, and a handgun.

Hale had a manifesto and detailed maps of the school, and entered the building by shooting through its doors before the killings.

Police have also released video of the moment the attacker entered the school.

The six victims have been named as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all aged nine, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak and school custodian Mike Hill, both 61, and 60-year-old Katherine Koonce, who was the headteacher.