A nation of law breakers: The average Briton commits 32 crimes a year

The average Briton breaks the law 32 times a year, a survey has found.

The crimes include ‘smaller’ offences such as vacuuming after 1pm on a Sunday, sticking a stamp on an envelope upside down and keeping incorrect change.

A poll commissioned by BT found that the vast majority of Britons – 98% – believe themselves to be law-abiding citizens.

The survey of 2,000 adults, carried out by OnePoll, found that the law most people have broken is buying alcohol under the age of 18.

The poll found that 83% of Britons are confused about what is legal.

The less reported crimes that caused confusion included flying a kite in a park – it can be deemed an offence if it obstructs other members of the public.

Very few of those polled were aware that sticking an upside-down stamp on an envelope is an offence.

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Other crimes included failing to pay for a 5p plastic bag, beeping your car horn in anger or stealing your neighbour’s Wi-Fi.

The poll was carried out to coincide with BT’s launch of US drama series Better Call Saul.

You could get into trouble for flying a kite (Picture: Rex)
You could get into trouble for flying a kite (Picture: Rex)

The survey found that two-thirds of Britons believe many of these less reported laws are unnecessary.

However, seven out of ten people surveyed said they do feel guilty when they break them.

One in three admitted they have been caught doing something illegal – more than a third who did so said they weren’t paying attention at the time.

Other laws on the list included parking on double yellow lines and knocking on someone’s door then running away.

According to the research, the most likely time for people to break the law is 1.52pm on a Saturday.

Six out of ten people said it annoys them when they see others breaking the law, even it is something less serious.

Britons say they spot people doing something illegal four times a day, although only 10% say they would confront the offender.