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National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

Weimin Chu won the National Geographic Photo Contest with 'Greenlandic Winter', showing the fishing village of Upernavik and its coloured buildings. [Picture: National Geographic Travel Photo Contest]

National Geographic shares stunning photos submitted as part of Travel Photo Contest

National Geographic has unveiled the winner of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest.

‘Winter in Greenland’ taken by Weimin Chu shows the fishing village of Upernavik in northwestern Greenland.

The image reflects the multiple colours of Greenlandic buildings which were historically painted different colours so people could see what their purpose was when the landscape is covered in snow.

“It felt so harmonious,” said Chu, who wins $7,500. “The whole land was covered by white, cold snow, and the blue tint at dusk made it even cooler. But the light from the windows, street lights and the family of three made the world warm again.”

This year’s contest received thousands of entries from around the globe in three categories: Nature, Cities and People, which were judged by a panel of expert photographers and National Geographic staff.

Huaifeng Li won first place in the People category with a photograph of actors preparing for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China, while Tamara Blazquez Haik won the Nature category with a photograph of a griffon vulture soaring the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain.