Nature's Confetti: National Trust celebrates spring with stunning digital blossom installation at Outernet

Outernet (Handout)
Outernet (Handout)

Spring has sprung and to celebrate the advent of the season of rebirth, the National Trust has teamed up with art organisation Outernet to rain pink flowers and petals down the central London space’s floor-to-ceiling screens.

This exquisite three-minute video of budding, blooming and blossoming trees will play across Outernet’s extraordinary four-storey high screens in its Now Building in Tottenham Court Road from today.

Titled Nature’s Confetti, which has been designed by the Outernet’s creative team, the free short film is screened alongside music from award-winning sound design studio Father and audio recordings of nature from National Trust houses – it will respond to the body movements of visitors.This is part of the National Trust’s annual Blossom campaign, which plants blossom trees in cities, trying to help people who may not have immediate access to green spaces connect with nature.

“Nature is hugely comforting to many – the sight of spring blossom can bring contentment and reassurance, reminding us that the natural world carries on even though many other parts of our lives can change,” said the charity.

Outernet (Handout)
Outernet (Handout)

This year there is also an emphasis on engaging young people, with the aim of installing a long-lasting appreciation of the natural world in future generations.

“Research shows that if children and young people can engage with nature early in life, they grow up to care about the natural world and are more likely to take action to protect it,” said National Trust creative head Nisha Nath.

“Everyday spectacles of nature are often taken for granted, but by appreciating them more we hope to encourage more people to care for it – to nurture it and to protect it.”

Visitors watching the uplifting pink show will therefore have the opportunity to donate to the Trust’s Plant a Tree appeal, via a ‘tap to donate’ station, which opens on April 20. The campaign aims to help plant 20 million trees in the UK by 2030 – four million of these are expected to be blossom trees.

Outernet’s Jessica Dracup-Holland said: “We want audiences to feel immersed in nature, to transport them through the beauty and magic of blossom. As well as enjoying the sheer spectacle of the piece, there is an important message too – how we must cherish the glory of nature in the face of ever-increasing environmental threats.”

Nature’s Confetti, Outernet London’s Now Building, screening twice an hour, April 4 to 28;