Naughty seagulls pinching food spark 'eat outside at own risk' warning from North Wales tea room

There are at it again, this time naughty seagulls are pinching food in Llandudno. So much so that one tea room has now warned customers eating outside, they do so at their own risk, of food theft from the gulls.

The Lemon Tree has posted an "important notice" on a board outside saying they cannot replace any food stolen by sneaky seagulls. The board, which was photographed outside room, said: "Important notice. Eat outside at own risk. We are unable to replace food taken by seagulls."

It is not the first time the birds have been caught pinching in North Wales. A seagull, who previously had a taste for pastries, was back at the Late Stop store on Holyhead Road in Bangor thieving again - but this time he was caught nicking a newspaper on camera.

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And if you want to now why seagulls have a penchant for food Kleptomania and how to stop it - this handy guide may help.

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