NBC ‘Chicago’ Franchise Stars Betray Their City to Explain Why New York Pizza Is Better Than Deep Dish | Video

Actors S. Epatha Merkerson (“Chicago Med”), Miranda Rae Mayo (“Chicago Fire”) and Jason Beghe (“Chicago P.D.”) turned their backs on Chicago when they explained to Jimmy Fallon why New York has the superior style of pizza.

The conversation took place on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” when Fallon welcomed the trio to the Big Apple. Since the ‘One Chicago’ cast members call New York their home, Fallon asked the group which city has the best pizza since both are well-known for their pies.

Without hesitation, all three actors answered, “New York!”

“That’s like a no-brainer,” Merkerson said, while Mayo added, “It’s so much sauce, it’s so much cheese.”

After chatting about food, Fallon congratulated them on their respective renewals — “Chicago Fire” for Season 13, “Chicago P.D.” for Season 12 and “Chicago Med” for Season 10. While the three shows often crossover into one another, Mayo said they all have very different qualities and energies on set.

“I feel like when you go to ‘Med’s’ set, it’s like a sophisticated dinner party,” she explained. “People are reading books, everybody’s talking softly. It’s very elegant and mature, and it fits the way it would be in a hospital. Then you go to to ‘P.D.;’ they’re a little rougher. They’re kind, everybody’s amazing. They’ll take care of you, but they expect you to be on your Ps and Qs. And then you go to ‘Fire’ and it’s a circus. Truly, we’re loud, we’re laughing, very much like a firehouse. It’s very vibrant.”

Their joint late night appearance also comes ahead of each shows’ finales next week, which prompted Fallon to inquire about what fans can expect.

“For Goodwin, it’s always what’s going on in the hospital, taking care of the hospital,” Merkerson said about “Chicago Med.” “We have a prisoner who’s come in — a very dangerous man who’s suffering from dementia. So the question is what to do with him. And then Goodwin has a love interest, so we have to figure out what’s going to happen there.”

As for “Chicago Fire,” Mayo said the last episode of the season is called “Never Say Goodbye.”

“It is basically a love letter to our dear Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker). Eamonn Walker was the first character cast in ‘Chicago Fire,’ in any of the ‘Chicago’ universes. So we get to see him in a rescue in a way we never have. The new member on truck, we finally get to find out what his secret is,” she noted. “Yes, he’s been holding a secret. He’s been having secret conversations on a telephone. Thinking that he’s keeping it low key. No, we find out.”

Last but not least, Beghe said the season finale episode of “Chicago P.D.” was what triggered him most emotionally.

“If you’re a fan of the show, you will have a surprise in our finale that will blow your mind. It was one of the most, I don’t want to give it a way. It was one of the best episodes that I’ve ever enjoyed making. It touched me deeply. And it was — I’d say, the final product, which I’ve seen, I think it’s, if not the best, one of our best episodes.”

“Chicago Med” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, followed by “Chicago Fire” at 9 p.m. ET and “Chicago P.D.” at 10 p.m. ET.

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