NCIS Hawai'i star says role is his "dream job" and teases upcoming storylines

NCIS Hawai'i, like all good police procedural shows, has its main team assisted by a technical person, known as The Guy in the Chair. For the latest spin-off in the NCIS franchise, that role is served by Jason Antoon's Ernie Malik.

In a recent episode, the mysterious death of an astronaut in a NASA simulation leads Ernie to get in on the action and suit up (in a space suit) to find out the truth.

Speaking about his big moment in the spotlight, Antoon told TV Line that he doesn't mind that he's The Guy in the Chair rather than a main team member, calling it "a dream job".

ncis hawaii ernie in blue medical clothes, played by jason antoon

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"Twenty-two episodes, who does that anymore?" he said. "Also, I’ve been a working actor on all different kinds of things, I have ups and downs in my career, and it was just another audition for me... [but the cast and crew] hang out with each other when we can, and a lot of us have kids, so it really is a great experience that I never want to end.

"That’s why I say it’s a dream job, because besides being 22 episodes, everybody’s just so cool and there are no egos. It’s the ideal."

He also praised the writers of the show for tailoring the writing of the characters to the actors who play them, claiming that "I think that with the other NCIS-es, you’re not getting as much character."

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Teasing the future ahead, Antoon stated that Ernie will risk jeopardising his career in order to help out Jane.

"What’s interesting is that Jane goes a little rogue," he said. "Ernie catches on and gets on the inside track with that to help her out — which could jeopardise his career. But he loves her and this ohana that he has, so he’ll do anything to help her out."

Antoon also teased that the finale will feature some "huge" plot developments, and "someone might be joining us".

NCIS Hawai'i airs on CBS in the US, and on Disney+ in the UK.

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