Nearly 2,000 UFO sightings over the UK in four years - see the close encounters where you live

Jason Chatwin captured the 'UFO sighting' on Salisbury Road, Plymouth
Jason Chatwin captured the 'UFO sighting' on Salisbury Road, Plymouth -Credit:Jason Chatwin

Sci-fi fans can see how close they live to UFO sightings with a new map. The research group UFO Identified has documented 1,789 sightings of unexplained objects in the skies above the UK since 2020.

That includes 395 sightings last year alone, with 55 in Devon and Cornwall. Information was taken from social media, newspaper reports, and Freedom of Information requests, as well as from reports made directly to UFO spotter groups around the UK.

The group's research shows that people living in the South East have the best chance of seeing a UFO, with 233 documented sightings since 2020, followed by the North West (218) and the South West (193).

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You can see the UFO encounters documented where you live using in the last four years using our interactive map.

Sightings documented last year include around 40 orbs seen moving in a “cross formation” over Greater Manchester, led by one very bright orb. Multiple orbs were also seen over Mildenhall in Suffolk, also led by one “abnormally bright” object.

But these UFOs appeared to disrupt car radios. A “flying saucer illuminated by varying red glowing spheres” was seen over Worksop in Nottinghamshire. A dark and silent “squashed triangle” was seen gliding over Point Clear in Essex and up to 15 bright lights pursued by two fighter jets and an Apache helicopter.

According to UFO Identified’s research, the most likely time to see a UFO last year was on a Monday evening between 9pm and 10pm.
The most common sighting was a “star-like” UFO, followed by an orb - with several different witnesses reporting clusters of orbs in the skies across different locations.

The vast majority of sightings were of far-off objects in the sky, but there were 27 “Close Encounters of the First Kind”. These are reports of UFOs seen up close, at a distance of no more than 500ft away.

There were also two “Close Encounters of the Second Kind” which is when a UFO sighting appears to cause a physical effect, such as a car malfunction, a ground impression, or a reaction in animals.

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