Neglected pedigree dog getting ready for loving home

Little Bluebell has suffered
-Credit: (Image: The Underdogs NI)

A dog who had been starved and left without treatment for a painful skin condition, is safe after being taken in by a group of dog rescuers

Now named Bluebell for the blue patch in her eye, the full bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has left her previous home and is now being treated and cared for ahead of hopes of finding a new family.

Aged three, she had been neglected for some time, leaving her malnourished and severely underweight, and suffering with a painful skin condition and it seems she had been bred.

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Bluebell -Credit:The Underdogs NI

One of her rescue team at The Underdogs NI, said: " Bluebell is a sweet girl who has had a rough start to life. She is suffering from awful skin and is badly underweight as a result of the neglect she's endured.

"She is loving all the affection she is getting at the moment and we hope soon she will be recovered enough to be able to be rehomed to a devoted family where she can start her life's journey again, this time with love and food and every comfort she deserves."

Bred, neglected and abused, Bluebell's luck has just changed
Bred, neglected and abused, Bluebell's luck has just changed -Credit:The Underdogs NI

If you would like to be assessed as a potential new owner of Bluebell you can contact The Underdogs NI by clicking here.

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