Neighbour gets revenge on driver who parked in their space for years

Video footage captured the moment the car was towed away
The footage has quickly racked up more than 123,000 views and over 800 comments -Credit:Everything Auto/ YouTube

The tables were turned on a driver who repeatedly parked in a reserved spot for three years when an irritated neighbour finally got their revenge. Video footage, which has been viewed 130,000 times on YouTube, captured the moment the offender's black Ford Kia, parked defiantly in front of a 'no parking' sign, was hauled away from the property by workers with Everything Auto towing company.

Ironically the whole ordeal was first filmed showing an employee hooking up the carelessly parked car to a tow truck intimating it was ready to be whisked away, and then panning to a glaringly noticeable 'no parking' sign been put up by the rightful owners of the space. On camera, a worker from the towing company explained the situation for viewers: "There's a 'no parking' sign right there. There's the car. The property owner has asked us to remove it, so that's what we're doing."

The video continued to unfold as the workers then drive off with the illegally-parked car in tow, reports the Mirror, followed by a choosing snippet of a phone call with the gobsmacked owner of the Kia who questioned why it had been removed.

The driver got his answer buckled with reality: "Yeah, it was parked on the neighbour's property". The disgruntled owner fruitlessly attempted to justify his actions by stating: "That's my house there. I do live there and also I do not have a parking space to put it".

One defender of the driver chimed in: "He's lived there for a while and he's parked there for well over a year", to which the driver echoed: "I've been living here for three years". The worker retorted: "The property owner has said that we needed to remove it. They don't want anybody parking on their property anymore. They've even put up a sign and you guys parked right in front of the sign."

The driver countered: "Yeah because I've got no space right now, I have one more car. Where should I park it? My car doesn't fit in the garage because it's too long". Suggestively, the worker advised the driver to invest in renting a parking space, adding: "Come on guys, I mean, if you don't have enough room on your property, it doesn't mean that you can park on somebody else's".

Viewers had their say in the comments, defending the neighbours. One wrote: "The entitled nature of some people is just awe inspiring", whilst another quipped: "I love when they say 'I've been illegally parking for years' lol."

A third expressed frustration stating: "I find the 'Where am I supposed to park my car?!?' to be very bizarre logic. Maddening."

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