'Neighbour stole my £40 takeaway and ate it – so I'm plotting sweet revenge'

Indian takeaway
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There's nothing worse than discovering your eagerly awaited takeaway has been mistakenly delivered to a different house, prompting a frantic hunt for it in order to tuck in.

And surely if you were handed another person's food by mistake, your priority would be to get it back to them, wouldn't it?

That's why one man was left stunned when his neighbour did the complete opposite and decided to dig into his £40 takeaway that had accidentally been delivered to their door, without so much as letting him know.

Taking to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), the user identified as @FPLMate fumed: "Ordered £40 worth of Indian food and it was delivered to our neighbour by mistake."

"Knocked on the neighbour's door to see if they had it, and they had already started eating it. I'm dumbfounded by this. Do people just accept and eat other people's food?? Is this normal???"

One respondent commented that the situation was "wild", writing: "I'd be fuming". Another responded with a hint of humour: "No way! Did they invite you in to eat with them?"

Intrigued, another X user asked: "I need to know the outcome here. Did they attempt to give it back half-eaten? What on earth did you say?"

The original poster seethed: "No they didn't. Honestly, I didn't know what to say. I'm so confused by this whole situation I thought maybe I was the weird one for always refusing to accept mistaken deliveries."

He then revealed his revenge plans, adding: "I'm tempted to throw a full portion of tikka masala sauce at their door."

After more people exclaimed their outrage at the situation, the man told everyone in another message: "Thank you to everyone who has validated that this is not normal. I feel much better now. In other news, it looks like I will need to relocate to a new neighbourhood to avoid future awkwardness."