Neighbours' comeback is such a big deal that even the Australian PM has commented

One of Australia's biggest exports has made a very welcome return to TV.

Neighbours. (Freevee)
Neighbours is back, and even the PM is excited. (Freevee)

If you were in any doubt about the cultural significance of Neighbours making a TV comeback, the Australian Prime Minister has cemented just how much of a big deal it is by making a welcome back statement.

Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese cleared time in his busy schedule to record an official comment on how delighted he was to see the soap return as it picked up again just over a year after being cancelled.

The soap was a regular fixture for viewers around the world from 1985 until July 2022, when its final episode aired after Channel 5 in the UK decided not to continue its deal to broadcast the show.

Neighbours cast
The soap had been cancelled in 2022. (C5/Fremantle Media)

But on Monday, Neighbours was back after being picked up by Amazon Freevee internationally and Australia's Channel 10 - and the news is pretty huge.

Albanese recorded a welcome back comment, beaming as he said: "Neighbours is back on Channel 10 this evening!"

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The PM appeared to be speaking from his state rooms as he said: "Neighbours is a part of Australian life. We all grew up watching Scott and Charlene get married, watching a whole range of great Australian actors come through this great programme.

"It's been a part of our life and it's also been a part of projecting Australia to the world.

"So, to all those at Ramsay Street - well done, good to see you back."

Stars who made their names at the soap have included Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie and Russell Crowe.

When it was cancelled last summer, Ian Smith who played Harold Bishop had suggested that Neighbours was so culturally significant, the Australian government should have stepped in to save it.

He said: "I think the Australian government should have bought it, put it on the ABC and used it as a living, working school for actors, writers and cameramen and put it to air as such."

Alan Fletcher (as Karl Kennedy) and Ryan Moloney (as Toadie Rebecchi) in Neighbours. (Freevee)
Alan Fletcher (as Karl Kennedy) and Ryan Moloney (as Toadie Rebecchi) in Neighbours. (Freevee)

The new Neighbours has picked up two years on from the ending of the original version, but still includes favourite characters such as Karl and Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne), Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Amazon Freevee has been streaming classic episodes of the soap in the run-up to the reboot and as of this week is showing new episodes daily from Monday to Friday.