Neighbours explains two shock splits in the show's latest episode

Neighbours spoilers follow from Tuesday's episode (September 19), which is available to stream now on Amazon Freevee.

Neighbours has revealed the backstory behind Toadie Rebecchi and Terese Willis both splitting from their respective partners.

The show's big comeback episode – set two years after the events of the July 2022 finale – ended with a shock as Toadie and Terese were seen tying the knot in a major storyline twist.

Tuesday's episode filled in the gaps for fans, who had plenty of questions over why Toadie is no longer with Melanie Pearson and why Terese isn't married to Paul Robinson anymore.

During Toadie and Terese's wedding reception, it was revealed that Paul had cruelly left Terese standing at the altar a year ago. This was part of the reason that Paul's son David Tanaka left the Street with his husband Aaron Brennan, although we may not have seen the last of them.

stefan dennis as paul robinson in neighbours
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Meanwhile, Melanie's relationship with Toadie also ended in disaster when she walked out on him and the kids, leaving a note behind. However, with Melanie confirmed as part of the new season, she's sure to keep featuring in the show too.

At Terese's wedding party, Paul's son Leo checked whether he was okay after attending the ceremony.

Paul reminded him: "Son, I left her standing at the altar, remember? So yes, I am grateful that we've managed to salvage a friendship.

"I will always regret the way that I behaved this time last year. And I'm sad that it cost me the support of Aaron and David as well. But I'm not cut out for marriage and it's good to finally be honest about that."

rebekah elmaloglou as terese willis in neighbours
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Later, Terese caught up with Paul and expressed her belief that everything had worked out well in the end.

She told him: "If you hadn't left me standing on that rooftop, humiliated, and if Melanie hadn't left Toadie, then we would never have found each other."

Ryan Moloney, who plays Toadie, recently told Digital Spy and other press: "Paul screwed Terese over and she was really, really hurt. Melanie screwed Toadie over and he was really, really hurt too!

"They became really great friends throughout that, supporting each other. Then they just started to fall for each other, throughout those moments of support and love."

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