Neighbours: When is the final episode and how can I watch it?

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Neighbours will air its final ever episode this week, Channel 5 has confirmed.

Its 37 years on air have seen the careers of stars including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Margot Robbie launched, as well as holding onto popular actors such as Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Tom Oliver.

Earlier this year, Channel 5 announced that they would not continue to air Neighbours, which had previously been shown by the BBC, and without a UK home the soap was not able to continue production in Australia.

When is the final Neighbours episode airing?

The Neighbours finale cast. (Fremantle)
The Neighbours finale cast. (Fremantle)

Neighbours' finale was expected to air on 1 August, but the double episode was brought forward by Channel 5.

The long-running Australian soap which has been a huge hit in the UK will draw to a close by airing its finale in a special double episode at 9pm on 29 July.

How can I watch the Neighbours finale live?

Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)
Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)

The two-part finale will air on Channel 5 in the UK on Friday, 29 July from 9pm to 10.05pm.

The synopsis for the finale reads: "The beloved soap opera comes to an emotional conclusion. Jane and Mike go on a trip down memory lane; Toadie and Melanie's wedding begins."

The episodes will be followed by two TV specials: Neighbours Made Me A Star: From Ramsay St to Hollywood at 10:05pm which features exclusives interviews with the soap's famous cast, and Neighbours: All the Pop Hits and More, Especially For You featuring music released by the show's musical stars.

Which cast members are returning?

Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)
Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)

The cast shared a photo from their final day of filming on 10 June, with former star and Hollywood actor Margot Robbie sending them champagne to mark the show's wrap. The Barbie star is also rumoured to be returning for the finale.

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The last episodes will see favourites from over the years return to Erinsborough, including Minogue and Donovan, who starred as power couple Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson in the 80s.

Peter O’Brien, who played Shane Ramsay, and Ian Smith, who played Harold Bishop, will also be back.

Mark Little, who played Joe Mangel, and Paul Keane, who played Des Clarke, are also set to put in an appearance.

Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)
Neighbours finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)

Talking about his last day of filming to Australian breakfast programme Studio 10, Stefan Dennis who played Paul Robinson said: “It’s a melancholy day for me.

“I sort of closed the studio door behind me on my very last scene, my very last dialogue scene and… I suddenly surprised myself by getting incredibly emotional.

“I just kept to myself and went to my dressing room… so I’m keeping a very low profile today. I think I’ll just be an absolute mess if I sort of hang around too long.”

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