'Neighbours' shares first-look pictures of Amanda Holden cameo in new London storyline

(l-R) Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan ) and Amanda Holden (C5/PA/Fremantle)
Jemma Donovan has come to London to film with Amanda Holden. (C5/PA/Fremantle)

Neighbours has released a few first-look pictures showing Amanda Holden’s guest stint on the Australian soap.

In storylines airing next year, the Britain’s Got Talent judge will play Harriet, aunt to Harlow Robinson, played by Jemma Donovan (daughter of Jason).

Holden will not be joining the cast Down Under – instead, Donovan has come to London.

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In the new snaps, the pair are seen filming their first encounter in Waterloo, south London. Harriet seems shocked as she turns around and is faced with her niece.

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(l-R) Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan ) and Amanda Holden (C5/PA/Fremantle)
Harriet is surprised to see her niece Harlow in London. (C5/PA/Fremantle)

Holden’s storyline sees Harlow hunting down Harriet to help her solve a family mystery connected to her mother Prue, who was played by Denise van Outen in her own guest appearance at the start of 2020.

Speaking of her time filming for the soap, Holden said: “My first day on set was such a fun and surreal experience.”

(l-R) Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan ) and Amanda Holden (C5/PA/Fremantle)
Harlow is looking for her aunt's help to solve a mystery about her mother Prue. (C5/PA/Fremantle)

"If I'd told my 12-, 13-year-old self I would one day appear in Neighbours, I'd have never believed it!”

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Also unbelievable is the similarity between Holden and Donovan, which fans did not miss.

Holden said: “So many people were beeping in their cars and passers-by assumed that Jemma was my real daughter because we look quite similar!

"I can't wait to continue the journey of my character Harriet."

Amanda Holden (C5/PA/Fremantle)
Amanda Holden's guest appearance in Neighbours will air next year. (C5/PA/Fremantle)

Talking about this London excursion, the soap’s executive producer Jason Herbison previously stated: "Neighbours has a rich tradition of filming in the UK, and we're thrilled to have Amanda joining for our next adventure.

"We've created a great character for her and can't wait to see the dynamic between her and Jemma Donovan.

"The shoot has been in the works for some time and will serve as the launch of a huge new storyline for 2022."

Neighbours airs every weekday on Channel 5.

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