Neighbours star says Felix and JJ secret will be exposed

Neighbours actor James Beaufort has teased that his character Felix Rodwell's secret will soon be revealed.

Appearing in a Ramsay Revelations video on Twitter/X, Beaufort and Andrew Rodwell actor Lloyd Will spoke about the on-screen brothers, their dynamics, and what's to come with them.

"You the viewer obviously know that I'm actually JJ's father, his biological father," Beaufort said. "JJ doesn't know. Andrew doesn't know. Ramsay Street doesn't know.

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"So this is a juicy, juicy secret that is going to be boiling and bubbling and frothing until finally it's going to come out, and you'll wanna be there when it really pops because Ramsay Street's gonna really blow up."

When asked to describe Felix, Beaufort called him "supposedly reformed", adding that he "definitely [has] a lot of things to say about [himself] having changed, and you know what they say, 'he doth who protests the loudest, doth is probably lying.'"

"I think the introduction of the funny, witty, smart-talking brother Felix, it just kind of opens a whole new side to Andrew I think we haven't seen or explored before," Will added, "So it's been a lot of fun playing around with that relationship.

felix rodwell and andrew rodwell in neighbours
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"The sad part of Andrew is he's genuinely hoping his brother is reformed and changed. Andrew had one pager of a back story previously to this. We didn't really know about where he came from and about what his home life was like and who he really was."

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