Neil Morrissey hated working on BBC's Waterloo Road

Neil Morrissey has slammed BBC’s ‘Waterloo Road’ and said he ‘hated’ working on the show for two series.

He even went as far to say he was “angry on set everyday”.


Neil played tough-but-fair deputy head teacher Eddie Lawson

‘I did two years up there (Manchester), two spates of six months when I was doing that programme Waterloo Road.

‘I hated that show, I hated it so much… Even my missus says to me, ‘You’ve got to get out of this show because it’s making you into a nasty person’.

Neil in the show.
Neil in the show.

‘I was angry on set every day, because the scripts, the delivery of the scripts and the quality of the scripts was so awful. And I was tied into it so it was like being forced… into, like, sort of, it was like forced labour.

‘And you still as a responsible actor, want to go and give your one hundred percent, but at the same time I was compromised by the fact that it was awful scripts and an awful situation,’ he told Two Shots.

Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road

But the actor says he’d return to ‘Men Behaving Badly’ in a second if it was a ‘good script’.

He played Tony Smart in the popular British sitcom for six years and would be tempted back if there was a ‘good idea’ behind the storyline.

He said previously: ‘If they came up with a good script and a good idea perhaps, because we’re old blokes now and we couldn’t be making the same mistakes.”
However, the ‘Waterloo Road’ star doesn’t think a revival series will “ever” be the same as it used to be.

He explained: “It can’t ever be what it was – we’re talking nearly 20 years ago.”

And Martin Clunes – who appeared alongside Neil in the comedy sketch as Gary Strang – is believed to share the same beliefs as his co-star.

Neil explained: ‘Martin Clunes is in pretty much the same boat as me.’

And he said it was ‘really great’ to reunite with his Neil for a special sketch of the show in aid of Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer in 2014.

He said: ‘It was really funny sitting on a sofa with a can of Stella next to Neil… it was like no time had passed at all.’


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