Nella Rose exits early from I’m A Celebrity trial after battling jungle critters

YouTuber Nella Rose had to exit early out of the latest I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! trial as she became overwhelmed by the jungle critters.

Ahead of taking on the task on Friday’s episode alongside TV star Sam Thompson, she tasked him to remain calm and encourage her throughout instead of being too upbeat as she admitted she gets “overwhelmed”.

When he was first selected for the task he told her: “I’m going to give you the most encouragement you’ve ever seen in your life.

“Think when a spider is hurling across the wall onto the face…” before she cut him off mid-sentence saying: “I’m done. No, you just make everything worse.”

Afterwards, he said he felt “a bit guilty” and he was “worried” that he was going to let her down.

In the Bush Telegraph, she explained: “I love Sam to bits, I love him, but he overwhelms me very quickly.”

Rose later explained to EastEnders star Danielle Harold that she needed positive encouragement, which the actress relayed to Thompson.

The YouTuber then sat Thompson down beside her and with their hands outstretched, saying: “Now this is the energy we need for the trial.

“You see this peace that we have just unlocked within you, we need calmness because your partner Nella gets overwhelmed and she tends to lock up.

“And then afterwards, when I do well, you can jump on my back.”

For the ‘Touchdown Of Terror’ trial, Rose and Thompson from the ‘home’ camp went head-to-head against MasterChef star Grace Dent and former politician Nigel Farage from the ‘away’ team.

In a bid to win food for their respective camps, Rose and Dent had to retrieve footballs from a box filled with bugs and throw them to their teammate while wearing an American football helmet which would be filled with jungle critters.

Thompson and Farage, while wearing trousers filled with bugs, had to catch the balls and score a touchdown.

As more critters were added to Rose’s helmet, she pulled her emergency cord to end her time in the trial, giving the away team a default win.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Rose said: “I think I’m upset in myself because I came here to face my fears… I’m upset that I couldn’t bring it home for the team but tomorrow we go again.”

Thompson said she had done her best and team captain Frankie Dettori told them they had “done brilliant” and to move on from it.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.