Neon Promotes Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Immaculate’ Using Reactions From Christians

Say what you want about the newly released horror shocker Immaculate, but it seems the studio promoting the film knows its audience. The Sydney Sweeney-led and produced nun-sploitation movie takes place in a dreary and disgusting convent, where Sweeney’s character soon finds herself pregnant despite never having had sex.

With a premise like that, naturally, Immaculate is drawing ire from Christian and conservative communities. The very end of the film in particular seems to be striking a nerve. Rather than issue any sort of statement or apology, Neon — the studio behind the project — has decided to lean into the controversy as a part of its marketing strategy.

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Over the weekend of the film’s release, several tweet reactions went viral decrying the anti-Christian nature of the film.

“Libs saw how the anti-woke crowd embraced Sydney Sweeney as their new darling and right away had to shove her in this blasphemous, satanic, feminist, pro-abortion, anti-life movie degrading Christians,” read one especially viral tweet. “This movie also debases Mary, mother of Christ!”

After one user said they needed to see the quote on a T-shirt, the official Neon account obliged:

Another viral review was used to create a poster that was shared to the official Neon and Immaculate accounts. “Diabolical, sacrilegious, pure evil & grossly offensive,” it read. “It is profane and has a third act that spits in the face of all that is holy. Just…evil.”

The caption for the post reads, “Christian Twitter has spoken.” A post shared to Neon’s Instagram Stories dubbed the film, “The most blasphemous you’ve ever seen.”

Another post highlights a quote from the film, “Pray for us sinners,” with the caption, “An unholy and unhinged feast of pure terror.”

Neon is also producing and sharing a video series featuring Sweeney reading passages from the Bible.

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