Netanyahu Visits Recovering Victim of Supermarket Stabbing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited on August 8 with the victim of a supermarket stabbing that took place in the city of Yavne the previous week.

The Jerusalem Post said the victim, Niv Nehemiah, was stabbed in the neck, head and chest some 15 times.

The attacker, who was arrested, was named as 19-year-old Ibrahim Ismail Abu Aram, from the West Bank village of Yatta.

The visit to the hospital came on the same day that Netanyahu toured the area where Abu Aram crossed the Green Line from the West Bank. Video released showed Netanyahu flying over the site before meeting with officials at a paratrooper base in Shomria.

Speaking to media, Netanyahu said security forces had already put measures in place at the site. However, he added, “one thing is for sure, there will never be a hermetically sealed border. In the final analysis, the true response is our courage and the willingness to fight these murderers and those who send them.” Credit: Prime Minister of Israel via Storyful