Heartstopper season 2 teases relationship hurdles in full-length trailer

yasmin finney, hearstopper season 2
Heartstopper season 2 trailer teases relationshipNetflix

Netflix has dropped the Heartstopper season two trailer ahead of its release on August 3.

The short trailer shows those fan-favourite Truham students facing more love life and friendship dilemmas in the second series, with Nick (Kit Connor) figuring out how to come out to the people in his life, Elle and Tao's crush, and Darcy and Tara saying 'I love you'.

The trailer begins with Charlie (Joe Locke) entering the classroom for another term, alongside boyfriend Nick.

A sweet montage of Nick and Charlie laughing and looking loved-up follows, before cutting to a scene of Charlie shouting "I have a boyfriend" to best pals Isaac and Tao.

"Yes we're all fully aware," Tao sarcastically responds.

joe locke, kit connor , hearstopper season 2

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While Nick and Charlie's friends are aware of the new relationship, it seems Nick hasn't shared details of his new boyfriend with his family.

"I want to tell people," he tells Charlie. "It's hard to find the right time."

"I want you to come out, when and how you want to," a supportive Charlie replies.

kit connor, joe locke, heartstopper season 2

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Meanwhile, viewers sees Elle's friends encourage her to flirt with Tao. The feelings are definitely mutual, but Tao is more aware of the risks involved.

"If this doesn't work out then I lose my best friend in the world," he confesses to his friends.

Then there's Darcy and Tara, who appear to be taking their relationship to the next level with three special words.

"I love you. That's not me asking you to say it back or anything," says Tara. "Yeah," Darcy casually replies.

heartstopper season 2

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The trailer goes on to tease the anticipated school trip to Paris. "Show the world what love is made of," reads the in-video caption.

Nick and Charlie appear to get carried away in the romantic French capital, with Charlie having to deal with what appears to be a hickey.

"Do you think anyone will notice?" he asks Nick, while Tao walks into the bathroom and reacts to the love bite on Charlie's neck.

The trailer switches back to Elle, who confides in her friends her feelings for Tao: "I've liked him for so long. Sometimes I think he might like me back."

Elle goes to Tao's hotel room, who opens the door topless and unprepared for his visitor.

yasmin finney, hearstopper season 2

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As the trailer draws to a close, Nick shares some relationship advice with Elle: "You don't have to understand your feelings completely. You don't have to always have figured everything out. You can just feel."

Heartstopper season 2 will feature plenty of new characters, while Darcy actor Kizzy Edgell teased that the new season would be "more mature".

"It's more mature but not in a bad way. [Creator Alice Oseman] has made strong characters, I feel they can overcome anything."

joe locke as charlie spring, heartstopper

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Oseman also suggested that the new season will be "darker" than the first outing.

"Season two's... aim was to capture the joy and the magic of season one while also feeling that the characters have grown up and matured a little bit, so we're exploring some things that are maybe a little bit darker than season one," they said.

"The romances are getting a little bit more mature... it's like an elevation, I like to think, of season one."

Heartstopper is streaming on Netflix, where season 2 will premiere on August 3.

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