Netflix fans say 'it's happening' as sequel to 90s cult classic film announced

Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore, laying on the golf green and shouting at a golf ball near which is just inches away from its hole
Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore sequel is coming to Netflix -Credit:Everett Collection/Universal

Happy Gilmore fans are overjoyed after Netflix confirmed a sequel to the 90s classic is in the works.

Adam Sandler starred as the titular golfing hero who won the Tour Championship in 1996. Now, almost three decades later, he's set to return to the golf green.

Sandler fans have been waiting for an update on the long-rumoured sequel - and are celebrating that it's finally happening. Characters from Happy Gilmore have even made cameos in Sandler's subsequent projects including Jack and Jill, Little Nicky and Hubie Halloween.

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Netflix has not yet confirmed a release date for the Happy Gilmore follow-up. And fans will have to wait and see how Gilmore's golfing career will be resurrected.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday May 15, Netflix tweeted a still from the hit film and announced: "Happy Gilmore is back! Adam Sandler will reprise his iconic role in a brand new movie coming to Netflix."

At the end of the original Happy Gilmore, the hockey-player-turned-golfer was celebrating multiple wins. He'd triumphed in the Tour Championship against all odds AND raised enough money to save his grandmother's house from the grasps of the tax man.

On the way to the top he made allies, including the much-loved, one-handed Chubbs Petersen, played by the late Carl Weathers. Other memorable characters included Christopher McDonald's arrogant Shooter McGavin, Allen Covert's homeless caddy and The Price Is Right’s Bob Barker.

Fans reacted to the sequel news on X, formerly Twitter. @Krysta____ enthused: "This is going to be incredible" as @Ryan_Gwane reckoned: "This has made my year".

@georgiaballgolf celebrated: "It’s happening" with a trio of golf-related emojis as @Austinrnww echoed: "It’s really happening!" @SackAttack112 commented: "Been asking for this for years. Happy Gilmore: The Senior Tour."

Bob Barker prepares to punch Adam Sandler in a scene from the film 'Happy Gilmore', 1996.
Bob Barker prepares to punch Adam Sandler in a scene from the film 'Happy Gilmore' -Credit:Getty Images

Others, however, were a little bit wary. @scubasteve1414 warned: "The film is a cult classic. The ‘sequel’ never live up to the original... Don’t ruin this Netflix" while @InternetH0F agreed: "...If you ruin this classic, I'm unsubscribing".

Others hoped to see a special nod to Chubbs - who actually falls to his death in the original film. Fans will recall that as a thank you for helping with training, Gilmore presents him with the head of the alligator that bit off Chubbs' hand. However, it startled Chubbs, who falls out of a window and dies.

Meanwhile, Weathers, who was famed for playing Apollo Creed in the first four Rocky films, died from coronary heart disease in 2024, aged 76.

@dirtdog365 said of the upcoming sequel"...There better be a Chubbs tribute!" as @iamdanielgeske said: [Will] be hard to pull off that magic again tho, especially without Carl Weathers".

@BagRoomGuys said: "RIP Carl Weathers it won’t be the same without you". @amillz19 reminded them: "He died in the movie though" as @BagRoomGuys responded: "I bet they would’ve brought him back somehow".

While Happy Gilmore isn't yet available on Netflix in the UK, there are a number of other Adam Sandler films to binge. Currently streaming in the UK is 2011's, Jennifer Aniston-fronted comedy Just Go With It, 2012's That's My Boy with Brooklyn 99 star Andy Samberg and 2010's slapstick comedies Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2.

Satirical western The Ridiculous Six, Murder Mystery one and two, coming-of-age tween comedy You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah and the popular Hubie Halloween is also available. Or see Sandler in a different setting in his stand-up comedy special, 100% Fresh, or as the voice of a school pet lizard in the animated comedy Leo.