Netflix fans slam 'weird' new rom-com following 'step-sibling' realisation

Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields star in Netflix's Mother of the Bride
Miranda Cosgrove and Brooke Shields star in Netflix's Mother of the Bride -Credit:Netflix

A new Netflix rom-com has been slammed by viewers after it ended on a rather unusual note. One person claimed it was the 'worst film' they'd seen all year.

Mother of the Bride, starring Brooke Shields and former Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove, dropped last week on Thursday May 9. It follows Emma (Miranda) who jets off to Thailand to marry her new beau RJ (Sean Teale).

But when she introduces her mother Lana (Brooke) to RJ's dad Will (Benjamin Bratt), they make a shocking realisation: Will is Lana's college ex-boyfriend who absolutely shattered her heart all those years ago. What were the chances?

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Directed by Mean Girls and Freaky Friday's Mark Waters, Netflix described the rom-com as a 'nuptial slapstick comedy.' The cast, which also includes The Hangover's Rachael Harris and One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray, filmed the rom-com on the idyllic island of Phuket, at Anantara Mai Khao and Anantara Layan resorts.

However the film ends (spoiler alert) with a 'weird' twist - after a public argument at their children's wedding, Will and Lana get engaged. Will pops the question and the wedding party jump in the pool to celebrate after Lana says yes.

But the ending didn't sit well with viewers. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, many were quick to share their views - and point out an issue. @cntBdefine said: "Mother of the Bride on Netflix was all types of weird. like um so two ex-lovers kids got married and then those ex-lovers decided to give it another try hit a bump and then turn around and got engaged in the end …like that won’t make their kids step-sibling".

@josiem__ asked: "I just finished Mother of the Bride on Netflix and did nobody think it was weird to end the movie with the bride and groom becoming step-siblings???" as @_nvli hit out: "The worst movie I’ve seen so far this year is “Mother of the Bride”....How can the bride’s mum and the groom’s dad get engaged on the children’s wedding day. Doesn’t that make the married children - step-siblings. Who wrote this plot."

Rotten Tomatoes critics have scored Mother of the Bride a dismal 19 percent across 31 reviews. The Daily Telegraph's Tim Robey rated the film two out of five stars, commenting: "The film’s match-making subtlety, let’s say, is some way short of Jane Austen level".

Variety's Courtney Howard described the film's narrative as 'cheaply woven and fairly threadbare' as Carla Meyer from the San Francisco Chronicle reckoned: "The whole cast is likable and the scenery lovely, making this only the second-worst Shields beach movie, after “The Blue Lagoon.”"

Mother of the Bride is available to stream now on Netflix.