Netflix releases trailer for Millie Bobby Brown film among new content

A trailer for a film starring Millie Bobby Brown has been released along with a host of other first looks at new content on Netflix.

Stranger Things star Brown, 19, features in the upcoming Damsel as a princess on the run who becomes trapped in a cave with a dragon.

The teaser sees Robin Wright, known for the title role in 1987 fantasy film The Princess Bride, as a queen as well as a brief appearance of Oscar nominee Angela Bassett.

Wright says: “Welcome princess, for generations, it has been our task to protect our people so tonight, you join a long line of women who have helped to build this kingdom.

“The price is dear, but so too the reward.”

Brown is seen mostly in darkness in the trailer, released on Saturday, as she looks around the cave before Netflix says the movie will be released next year.

The streaming giant has also teased, during its geeked week, an animated series of blockbuster science fiction franchise Terminator.

Terminator: The Anime Series will see an female soldier try to protect scientist Malcolm Lee in 1997 as an assassin arrives.

The first film in franchise was 1984’s The Terminator, which saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.

Dead Boy Detectives, based on the comic books by British author Neil Gaiman and American artist Matt Wagner, will be part of the same universe as The Sandman, according to Netflix.

The series is about teenagers investigating ghosts and will feature a clairvoyant named Crystal, played by Pirates and Hollyoaks star Kassius Nelson.

The Sandman, released last year, sees Tom Sturridge as Lord Morpheus in the fantasy show.

A final trailer for animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, which will be released on Netflix on November 17, has also been put on YouTube.

The show sees stars of the 2011 film Scott Pilgrim Vs The World reprise their roles including Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers and Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells.

Elsewhere, an trailer for the adaption of tabletop card game Exploding Kittens has featured Lucifer star Tom Ellis as GodCat.

The popular game is about avoiding explosions from kittens while playing other cat-based cards.