Netflix star shares skin cancer diagnosis after mark was there for 'year or two'

Harry Jowsey
Harry Jowsey has been diagnosed with skin cancer -Credit:Getty

Netflix heartthrob Harry Jowsey has opened up about being recently diagnosed with skin cancer - after being unaware of a cancerous spot on his shoulder for a year or two. The 26 year old star of Too Hot To Handle used TikTok as a platform to share his health update and to caution his followers about the risks of sun exposure.

The Australian-born celebrity, who featured on Dancing with the Stars in the US last year, discovered the alarming news during a routine mole check-up. In the video, Harry shared: "There isn't really an easy way to say this but last week I went to a dermatologist to get my skin checked and they found some skin cancer on me.

"I'm gonna be all good, everything is going to be okay, but I just wanted to make this post to let you know that summer is around the corner, please wear sunscreen. Please wear it. Please go and get your skin checked.

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"If you're freckly little frog like me, go get a mole map and get your body checked because you never know. I have had this on my shoulder for like a year or two, I had no idea, so I just wanna save and protect all of you guys out there.

"Be a little bit more responsible because that's what I've got to do now, and it's very scary."

Harry rose to fame in 2020 on the Netflix reality dating show Too Hot To Handle. Since then, he has launches podcast Boyfriend Materia and competed on Dancing with the Stars. Harry began his career as a YouTuber before finding fame on Netflix in a New Zealand reality show, Heartbreak Island.

He also owns his own clothing brand, the cheekily-titled Naughty Possums.