Netflix's viewers are sharing same reaction to new movie Faraway

netflix's faraway viewers say same thing
Netflix viewers react to heartwarming film FarawayNetflix

In need of a new cosy, wholesome and feel-good rom-com? We feel you. Thankfully there's a new rom-com, Faraway, on Netflix and it's guaranteed to give you all the heartwarming feels.

Faraway is a multi-lingual rom-com and stars Naomi Krauss as Zeynep Altin, a mother and wife who is quite frankly at the end of her tether. Her beloved mother has just passed away, and she's stuck dealing with her ageing father (who does nothing around the house), a grumpy teenage daughter and a husband who is distracted by the new young chef at his restaurant.

When her husband forgets to turn up for her mother's funeral, Zeynep gets in the car and drives off to the recently discovered Croatian home her mother secretly bought before her death. She's hoping to have a bit of a break, the only problem? The villa's former owner, Josip Cega (Goran Bogdan) is still living there. But maybe Josip being there isn't such a problem after all...

netflix's faraway viewers say same thing

Faraway dropped on Netflix last week (8th March) and viewers have been loving the film, with many saying it has a Mamma Mia feel, just without the ABBA soundtrack.

Overwhelmingly people have been tweeting to say how much the film cheered them up and give them an instant feel-good vibe.

One person said: "Just watched #Faraway on Netflix and oh my god I haven’t been this entertained by a romcom in so long middle-aged woman finding her happiness after being screwed over by her husband is my favourite trope ever!!!!! So heartwarming I love it so much."

Another said: "Faraway on Netflix was the cutest movie I have watched in years omg 🥺."

And another said: "Saw Faraway on Netflix tonight, and maybe it just hit me at the right time but it might be my new favourite movie. Inherited house trope! Middle aged love! Goofy humour! Great soundtrack! Idk, just cheered me up a lot."

Sounds like if you're in need of some serious mood boosting, you need to watch Faraway.

Well, we know what we'll be doing this evening.

Faraway is available on Netflix now.

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