Bad news, Netflix's The Witcher is ending after season 5

Raise your hands if you've already missing the The Witcher. Same. Since series three dropped last summer our lives have been distinctly missing a trip to The Continent. Thankfully, the Netflix fantasy drama series is currently filming season four and five back to back with brand new Geralt aka Liam Hemsworth. However, we have some bad news for fans, while season five is confirmed to go ahead it's also been confirmed it will be the show's final season.

Intrigued to know more? Here's everything you need to know about The Witcher season five, including news, cast, storylines and more...

Will season five of The Witcher be the last?

Sad news folks, along with confirming season five would be going ahead, the series also confirmed it would be our last trip to The Continent.

In a post on X yesterday (18th April 2024), the official The Witcher account made the following announcement: "It's official, The Witcher season 4 is in production. But that's not all, we're already planning season 5, which will be the final season and bring this epic show to a fitting conclusion. See you on The Continent."

When will The Witcher season five begin filming?

OK, so back in May 2023, the show's casting director, Sophie Holland told Deadline that they were about to begin filming season four. But that shortly after that, work would commence on season five.

"We’re just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth," she said. "And there will be a short gap then we go straight into season five."

However, the strikes of last summer appear to have put a delay in this timeline, with Netflix revealing production is now only just beginning for seasons four and five in April 2024. The official account for The Witcher shared a clip from a cast table read yesterday (18th April) and I'm sorry but we're so not ready for this to be over.

Who will star in season five of The Witcher?

It probably comes as no surprise that Liam Hemsworth will also be making an appearance in series five. Claiming the role of Geralt of Rivia - the character was previously portrayed by Henry Cavill - Sophie has confirmed that the actor will remain in the position for some time.

In the same Deadline interview, she also revealed that some of the other inhabitants of the Continent will be returning for series five, but refrained from disclosing who.

But, if we were to take a guess, Anya Chalotra would be back as Yennefer, and Freya Allan would return as Ciri.

The Witcher's showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich also weighed in on the fifth season of the fantasy series. Especially that she can't wait to see Liam Hemsworth in action and that there was no way the show could have ended following Cavill's departure.

"There are just too many stories left to tell," she said.

What will The Witcher season five be about?

Due to the news being so raw, it's hard to say exactly what the writers have planned for season five. However, series four will reportedly once again focus on Geralt of Rivia (obviously played by Hemsworth this time) as he continues his quest through the Continent and improves his abilities as 'The Witcher.' All apparently with other characters from early on in the series joining him.

So perhaps, series five will pick up from where it leaves off...

Tbh, your best bet is to read the books of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski so you can get some sort of idea of the storylines that have already been written.

The Witcher seasons one to three are now streaming on Netflix.

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