Newcastle city centre has an array of statues we walk past every day - but can you name where they all are?

Do you know where these statues are in Newcastle city centre? Take our quiz
-Credit: (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

We've probably walked past these statues many times when wandering around Newcastle city centre. But how often have we stopped to take notice of them?

The city centre is home to many statues including monuments of historic figures, football icons, royality, and even an iron man. A Vampire Rabbit, swans in flight, and an 'ever-changing' sculpture are also part of the large collection.

Some of these structures have become meeting places, protest points and locations to remember war heroes. However, could you identify their location if the surrounding area was not visible in a photograph?

Would you identify Charles Gray standing on the top of Grey's Monument if the pillar on which he stands was out of view? Or could you name the streets where the statues of Alan Shearer, Sir Bobby Robson and Jackie Milburn stand?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge.