Newcastle local election results 2024 in full

Returning Officer Pam Smith at The Local Election 2024 count at Sports Central in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Returning Officer Pam Smith at The Local Election 2024 count at Sports Central in Newcastle Upon Tyne. -Credit:Craig Connor/ChronicleLive

Voters in Newcastle have been going to the polls on 2024's local election day to choose their councillors.

On what is a bumper polling day across the region that also includes the historic North East mayor election, Newcastle is one of the five areas in Tyne and Wear staging local council votes. You can find all the results on our dedicated local elections page here.

A frantic election night in Newcastle saw the city elect its first Conservative councillor in 32 years and its first ever Greens. In a night of high drama at Northumbria University’s Sport Central, Tory Doc Anand defeated the Lib Dems in Gosforth to claim his party’s first success in Newcastle since 1992.

Khaled Musharraf and Nick Hartley were overjoyed to become the city’s first two Green councillors, taking seats off Labour in Elswick and Byker respectively. Labour retains its majority on the council, now holding 45 of its 78 seats – a net loss of two on the night.

The ruling party also lost seats to the Lib Dems in North Jesmond and West Fenham, but made gains against them in Castle and from the Newcastle Independents in Lemington. Turnout was 37%. Our widget below will update on local election night as Newcastle results are declared - and you can also search it by postcode or council name to see results for other councils.

Below are the results in full.

Arthur’s Hill

Alistair Ford (Green) 223

Christopher Howden (Liberal Democrat) 71

Maria Manco (Conservative) 113

Stephen Powers (Labour) 819

Rowshon Uddin (Independent) 396

Labour hold

Benwell and Scotswood

Hans Christian Andersen (Liberal Democrat) 138

Rob Higgins (Labour) 1,659

Lee Irving (Green) 226

David McGovern (Independent) 412

Ronald Thompson (Conservative) 278

Labour hold


Thomas Lian-Hoare (Conservative) 261

James Milne (Green) 243

Bill Shepherd (Liberal Democrat) 188

Marion Williams (Labour) 1,215

Labour hold


Jamie Hampton (Conservative) 115

Nick Hartley (Green) 1,291

Mark Ridyard (Liberal Democrat) 57

Carly Walker-Dawson (Labour) 808

Green gain from Labour

Callerton and Throckley

Alexis Fernandes (Conservative) 775

Idwal John (Green) 475

Richard Morris (Liberal Democrat) 239

Linda Wright (Labour) 1,535

Labour hold


Daniel Burnett (Conservative) 463

Andrew Herridge (Labour) 1,509

Jamie Robinson (Liberal Democrat) 1,422

Andrew Thorp (Green) 354

Labour gain from Liberal Democrats


Philip Brookes (Green) 75

Ian Forster (Conservative) 240

Lawrence Hunter (Independent) 2,401

Bill Purvis (Labour) 588

Judith Steen (Liberal Democrat) 100

Independent hold

Dene and South Gosforth

Hilary Franks (Labour) 1,181

Gerry Langley (Conservative) 285

Karen Robinson (Liberal Democrat) 1,699

Laurence Taylor (Green) 509

Liberal Democrat hold

Denton and Westerhope

Vince Barry-Stanners (Labour) 1,112

Elizabeth Dicken (Liberal Democrat) 86

Jack Luke (Conservative) 166

Tracey Mitchell (Newcastle Independents) 1,232

William Whitaker (Green) 102

Newcastle Independents hold


Hamed Aghajani (Liberal Democrat) 117

Tom Horgan Davison (Conservative) 231

Nicu Ion (Labour) 1,083

Khaled Musharraf (Green) 1,190

Green gain from Labour

Fawdon and West Gosforth (two vacancies)

Rob Austin (Liberal Democrat) 1,530

John Hall (Liberal Democrat) 1,604

Alexander McMullen (Conservative) 200

Maria Piazza (Conservative) 223

Asad Syed (Labour) 625

Gordana Vasic (Labour) 684

Roger Whittaker (Green) 395

Liberal Democrat hold both seats


Doc Anand (Conservative) 1,399

Michael Bell (Labour) 952

Frances Hinton (Green) 350

Brian Moore (North East Party) 160

Tahir Siddique (Liberal Democrat) 1,288

Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat


Tom Appleby (Liberal Democrat) 494

Chandni Chopra (Independent) 525

John Dobie (Conservative) 162

Andrew Gray (Green) 671

Steve Handford (Communist Party) 71

Clare Penny-Evans (Labour) 1,543

Labour hold


Craig Austin (Liberal Democrat) 332

Nick Fray (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 78

Adam Jackson (Green) 274

Stephen Lambert (Labour) 1,647

Zak Mudie (Conservative) 192

Labour hold

Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall

Alexander Hay (Labour) 1,364

Amy Laverick (Conservative) 345

Tahir Mahmood (Green) 147

David Partington (Liberal Democrat) 243

Labour hold


Stephen Barry-Stanners (Labour) 1,018

Tracy Connell (Liberal Democrat) 122

Jack Donaldson (Conservative) 196

Pat McGee (Green) 119

Zoey Saul (Newcastle Independents) 800

Labour gain from Newcastle Independents

Manor Park

Bradley Aird (Labour) 836

Antonio Manco (Conservative) 161

Mike Rabley (Green) 405

Greg Stone (Liberal Democrat) 1,816

Liberal Democrat hold


Nabeela Ali (Labour) 804

Craig Dodd (Liberal Democrat) 125

Richard Sanderson (Conservative) 141

Jessica Whitaker (Green) 343

Labour hold

North Jesmond

James Coles (Liberal Democrat) 996

Stephen Davies (Conservative) 127

Killian McCartney (Labour) 683

Shehla Naqvi (Green) 262

Liberal Democrat gain from Labour


Alistair Chisholm (Labour) 1,054

Gabriella Leavitt (Green) 318

Fiona Punchard (Liberal Democrat) 762

Marie Summersby (Conservative) 44

Labour hold


Pauline Allen (Liberal Democrat) 2,207

Christopher Bartlett (Labour) 999

Andrew Burnett (Conservative) 409

Audrey Macnaughton (Green) 548

Liberal Democrat hold

South Jesmond

Milo Barnett (Labour) 900

Martin Evison (Social Democratic Party) 52

Aidan King (Liberal Democrat) 548

Jennifer Mills (Conservative) 183

Sarah Peters (Green) 454

Labour hold


Stephen Psallidas (Liberal Democrat) 143

Alex Walker (Conservative) 232

Matt Williams (Green) 169

David Wood (Labour) 1,257

Labour hold


Maureen Lowson (Labour) 1,582

Margaret Montgomery (Green) 471

Matthew Osbourn (Liberal Democrat) 323

Stephen Oxborough (Conservative) 324

Labour hold

West Fenham

Syed Ahmed (Conservative) 193

Tim Dowson (Green) 317

Mark Mitchell (Liberal Democrat) 1,250

Ian Tokell (Labour) 908

Liberal Democrat gain from Labour


Irim Ali (Labour) 1,211

Younes Mohammed (Independent) 971

John Pearson (Green) 468

Jarred Riley (Conservative) 223

Colin Steen (Liberal Democrat) 192

Labour hold

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