News Quiz of the Week: How much can you remember?

Ellen Manning
·1-min read

There have been plenty of memorable moments in the news this week, from good news about another COVID vaccine to bad news about the economy.

With all eyes on Christmas and what coronavirus means for the festive season, the headlines have been full of changes to rules and plans for how people can see their families, while the chancellor’s spending review revealed just how huge the effect of the pandemic has been on the economy.

There have been losses in the royal world as well as within the sporting fraternity, while showbiz has had its own big moments from news about the Mobo Awards to changes at Radio 2.

With so much going on, you may not remember every single moment that’s popped up on a bulletin or graced the newspapers, but perhaps the highlights have stuck with you.

Take our 10-question multiple-choice news quiz of the week to see how much you remember from this week’s news.

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