Celebrity Big Brother airs nomination twist

louis walsh, sharon osbourne, celebrity big brother
Celebrity Big Brother airs nomination twistITV

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers follow.

Celebrity Big Brother aired a nomination twist, with Sharon Osbourne being placed with added responsibility.

Tonight’s (March 11) episode saw the group ordered to the Diary Room by Big Brother, with each individual being tasked to submit two candidates for the next eviction.

Unbeknownst to them, celebrity lodger Sharon had been granted the power to view all the clips from the Diary Room, listening to every gripe and grievance as the housemates cleared the air.

sharon osbourne celebrity big brother

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After all the votes were counted, Lauren, Louis and Zeze were the three candidates up for eviction. They accumulated eight, four and four votes, respectively, but the twists were not done there.

As the housemates thought the evictions were set in stone, Big Brother revealed that Sharon had heard all of the nominations but would now be tasked with saving one of the trio from eviction.

Much to their surprise, Sharon elected to save Zeze, reasoning: “I think Zeze is fiery but quite vulnerable – I think a lot of it is for show. She reminds me of somebody I love.”

It wasn’t the final decision that Sharon would make, as Big Brother explained that Zeze’s spot would have to be filled by another housemate, with Sharon eventually opting for Fern.

louis walsh, sharon osbourne, celebrity big brother

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“I think the older ones stick out like a sore thumb,” explained Sharon. “I’m not ageist at all, but I’m saying for the house, people have gone off in groups. Fern is a beautiful and gracious lady, and I’m happy that I got to meet her.”

With Lauren, Louis and Fern up for eviction, who will the public elect to send home tomorrow night?

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sundays through Fridays at 9pm on ITV1 and the ITV Hub, followed by Late & Live on ITV2 immediately following each new episode.

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