Celebrity Big Brother: Louis Walsh turns on Fern Britton in nominations as Sharon Osbourne involved in brutal twist

Celebrity Big Brother viewers will see Louis Walsh turn on fellow housemate Fern Britton on Monday’s show.

Fans of the ITV reboot will watch as the housemates deliver their latest nominations, with the Irish music manager putting the former This Morning host up for eviction, likening her “wallpaper” before claiming she's “not bringing anything” to the house.

Walsh says in a preview of the upcoming episode: “I think the others deserve to be there. Fern is just there. She’s like wallpaper.

“She’s really nice but it’s not bringing anything. Who can we do without? It’s Fern.”

However, unbeknown to the housemates celebrity lodger Sharon Osbourne has been watching all their nominations and has been given the power to save one of the three stars who have received the most votes facing the public vote.

As Osbourne reveals who she’s choosing, Big Brother delivers a brutal twist and reveals the 71-year-old must now put another up for eviction to replace the celebrity she has just saved.

Osbourne pictured watching the nominations in secret (ITV)
Osbourne pictured watching the nominations in secret (ITV)

While gathered on the sofas, Big Brother tells the group: “Today, Sharon was told that being my Celebrity Lodger came with great responsibility and would play a very important role in what happens today.

“To help her with that responsibility Big Brother has allowed Sharon to watch all nominations. Sharon, will you please stand up?

“Big Brother is granting you the power to save one Housemate from the public vote."

Osbourne chooses to save one of the Housemates. However, Big Brother then says, “Now, you must choose another housemate to replace them and this housemate will face eviction.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on ITV and ITVX