Celebrity Big Brother viewers divided over 'orange-gate' clash

Lauren Simon and Zeze Millz had words over how to prepare a fruit salad

Lauren Simons - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Lauren Simon clashed with Zeze Millz over oranges. (ITV)

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Celebrity Big Brother fans were divided as Lauren Simon and Zeze Millz clashed in what is being called “orange-gate”.

The pair were in the kitchen making a fruit salad for the rest of their housemates during Thursday night’s (7 March) episode of the ITV reality show. And they had a disagreement over how to prepare the oranges.

The stars had words over the best way to do it – and viewers loved it.

What, how, and why?

Social media star Millz had been preparing the fruit when Real Housewives Of Cheshire regular Simon questioned how she was doing it. “I thought we were making a proper fruit salad and chopping it into little pieces?” she asked.

Viewers called the moment 'orange-gate'. (ITV screengrab)
Viewers called the moment 'orange-gate'. (ITV screengrab)

However, Millz said that she had a different way of doing it, explaining: “I’m not really a presentation person, I just want it in my mouth… for me it’s not that deep, it’s like, everything is going to go into your mouth anyway.”

The pair both carried on preparing their meal but when Millz took some of the orange slices to the table, she sniped: “They are not up to Lauren’s standards though, she said they didn’t look good!”

The camera then panned back to Simon, who looked miffed about the whole thing.

What did viewers think?

Fans flocked to X to comment on the tension, with some dubbing the moment “orange-gate”.

“They’re kicking off over oranges - THEY'RE STARTING!” said one. Another posted: “The way Lauren came for Zeze saying the oranges should be cut up and then they zoom into Lauren hacking at the orange, all mushed up.”

Viewers were gripped by the orange drama. (ITV screengrab)
Viewers were gripped by the orange drama. (ITV screengrab)

“On MEOW!” posted someone else. “Never before has peeling an orange evoked such passive aggressiveness.”

“Drama starting over an orange,” said another fan. “God help them when they start the shopping tasks.”

Others were divided over who was at fault. One wrote: “There’s only one way to eat an orange Lauren.” Another said the TV star’s oranges looked like “ they were peeled by a blunt chainsaw”.

However, someone else accused Millz of “creating an argument”. And one viewer suggested she was “trying hard to get air time” and was being “confrontational”.

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