You Can Crash MY Party! Luke Bryan Named Country's Sexiest Man 2014

Luke Bryan has a lot going for him with a stellar music career, an ever-growing collection of awards and a beautiful wife, so it's no major shocker that he has been named Country's Sexiest Man 2014 by People magazine.

With his stunning smile, charming good looks and toned torso, the 'Crash My Party' singer has managed to fend off competition from other hot country stars such as Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley and Hunter Hayes, to be named the sexiest male in the genre – but it's hardly a surprise.

Is Luke Bryan really the hottest man in country music, ladies? (FayesVision/WENN)

Luke, 37, may be happily married with wife Caroline, but he reveals exactly what kind of woman he finds sexy, telling People in the accompanying interview: “Confidence, the ability to wing it and the ability to get fancied up and pretty. I love the whole girl-next-door thing, the whole thing of, you know you're pretty but not going too far with it.”

He may be the hottest man, but of course he's not perfect ladies, and he admits his wife might find some of his habits pretty annoying.

“Hmmm ... there are so many! Probably talking on the cell phone,” Luke explained.

Luke is happily married to wife Caroline and they share two young sons (WENN)

“Or answering it during dinner. The best thing for me is to leave it in the car and then I know I won't answer it. Whenever I'm like, 'I left my phone in the car,' she's like, 'Ooh – special!'”

The couple are parents to two young boys and Luke says they know exactly how to make him laugh.

“Watching my boys [Bo, 6, and Tate, 3] do cute stuff. Tate had a baseball game yesterday and he was running the wrong way and doing all these things that had everybody in the stands just cracking up laughing,” he gushes. “I don't know if he knows how cute he is, but he's having fun.”

Check out Luke's hottest red carpet looks below...

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