Dazed And Confused: Hell-Raising On The Set Of Matthew McConaughey And Ben Affleck's Early Movie Revealed!


Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey may now be Oscar winners and the toast of Hollywood, but once upon a time the pair were raising hell in a movie called Dazed and Confused.

The film, a coming of age story featuring a number of future stars saw plenty of wild antics on screen, but we wanted to find out if the crazy behaviour carried on when the cameras stopped rolling.

Honoured last night by Quentin Tarantino at the Texas Hall of Fame Film Awards, it starred future Oscar winner Affleck, McConaughey, Renee Zellwegger and Milla Jovovich.

When asked if any of the cast were badly behaved, Joey Lauren Thomas, who played Simone Kerr, girlfriend of Affleck’s character Fred O’Bannion revealed that off screen: “We were all bad, I mean we were in our 20s in Austin, making this movie, you can fill in the dots.”

Dazed And Confused: Hell-Raising On The Set Of Matthew McConaughey And Ben Affleck's Early Movie Revealed!

Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused (Photo:WENN)

She added that on the film there were “crazy hook-ups, all of that yeah, all of it, all in a hotel for two months together yeah.”

When asked if any of the Hollywood stars had done anything they might regret now, she said: “There’s probably nothing that anyone in their 20s hasn’t done, probably, but yeah”.

Another cast-mate, Anthony Rapp (Tony Olson in the film), revealed that the stars were nearly kicked out of the hotel they stayed in in Austin while filming.

“There were a couple of guys who were doing things like running round the hotel at night and tipping over the ashtrays, and we nearly got kicked out of the hotel. I think that was Rory [Cochrane] and Adam [Goldberg] and maybe one or two over the other guys,” Rapp said.

However he did also hint that McConaughey may have been displaying his acting credentials rather than the wild side that saw him arrested in 1999 for playing the bongo drums naked in his home, saying: “No, Matthew was totally easy going and completely like totally in it.”

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