EastEnders: Who Kills Lucy Beale?

Lucy Beale's death on EastEnders is being built-up to at the moment, and viewers will be left clawing for answers for as long as a YEAR as to who her murderer is.

But who did it?

Max Branning is the bookies' favourite, according to The Mirror, after he was unearthed as her secret love interest. This puts him right in the middle of the speculation.

Lauren Branning, meanwhile, is also a suspect - and she wouldn't be hard-pushed for a motive if she found out about the affair. Some even reckon Gary Lucy's character Danny Pennant could return - especially after he tweeted "more 2 come (sic)" following his exit.

Lucy Beale (BBC)

As for actress Lorna Fitzgerald, she thinks it could be Lucy's own father - Ian Beale.

She tells Inside Soap: "I'd have to say Ian. I know he's devastated by her death - but I think that's because he killed her!

"Everyone at EastEnders is waiting to find out the truth in the same way as the viewers. There was a censored scene in a script the other day, and that put a buzz about the studio."

Who really knows? Put your predictions in the comments below.

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