Gladiators fans spot the ‘new’ Wolf and Jet in 2024 cast

Fans predict Viper and Diamond will make waves on Gladiators

Gladiators originals Wolf and Jet were fan favourites. (ITV/Shutterstock)
Gladiators originals Wolf and Jet were fan favourites. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Gladiators made an explosive return to our screens on Saturday and viewers were sure they spotted the new Wolf and Jet among the 2024 cast.

Wolf - whose real name is Michael van Wijk - was one of the original stars on Gladiators when it first aired in 1992 and now he is 71 years old. The TV legend had a huge following after he established himself as the bad guy on the original show and he took part in every series until its end in 1999.

Jet - whose real name is Diane Youdale and she is now 53 - was also a stand out character on the original Gladiators and she was well-loved by the viewers watching at home. However, she had to quit the show in 1996 when she got a neck injury during one of the gruelling challenges. Take a look at where all the original Gladiators are now.

As both Wolf and Jet were huge fan favourites of the series, it's no surprise the viewers at home were keen to see if any of the 2024 cast could match up to them. Many viewers were confident they had found the "new" Wolf and Jet in the rebooted series line-up. Viper and Diamond were the names that were on everybody's lips this weekend.

Who do viewers think is the new Wolf?

Viper on Gladiators
Gladiators' fans think Viper could be the new Wolf. (BBC)

The original Wolf said he was snubbed his hopes of returning to Gladiators as he shared how he remains fit at 71. He told GB News in recent weeks: "I really enjoyed doing it and to be perfectly honest with you, all joking aside, I could do it right now."

He further shared: "I'm 71 years old. I'm 71 years old and fit. I'm strong. I've never stopped training... I wanted to take part in some shape or form in the new series, or even be a co-host, but when I contacted them, I got no reply."

Viewers think rising star Viper - whose real name is Quang Long - has already cemented himself as the new villain of the show with his antics in the challenges at the weekend. Among the comments, one wrote: "When I saw Viper come out on the new version of Gladiators I immediately thought of Wolf from the original series. Always one bad boy Gladiator. It was great to watch. Viper was great, doesn't like losing. Just like Wolf. He never liked losing either."

Viper got his name for his fast reactions and he has been a bodybuilder for 15 years. He boxes daily and has had the attention of Hollywood, having appeared in a number of films. Of joining the Gladiators' 2024 line-up, Viper said: "I was born to be a Gladiator. I am strong, powerful and just like a Viper I can attack with speed."

Many hailed Viper as the new Wolf, writing on social media platform X: "Watched the first episode of Gladiators reboot. BBC did such a good job, not messing up the original. Was just like when was a Kid. Good Times! "Viper" is the new "Wolf" it seems."

"Ohhhh so Viper is the new Wolf!" Another added. "Genuinely good fun for all ages. Not trying to be something it’s not. Viper is the new Wolf." Plus, more viewers spotted: "Gladiators reboot is actually quite good, looks like viper is the new wolf."

More added: "in Gladiators Viper is the new Wolf and now we need Wolf to come back and show the newbies how it's done."

"Love the new Gladiators!! Loved it as a child and love it again now have to say I actually prefer Bradley hosting but I do miss Wolf, let’s see if Viper can bring the same energy."

"We have a new villain in the gladiators tv show, he took over from Wolf. It’s viper."

"#Gladiators glad BBCOne keep it true to The original and not messed with it at all even down to them having the bad guy VIPER ,the new WOLF Just the right amount of cheesy Sat night fun Just needed John fashanu to shout “AWOOOGA” down the Mic & we’d be straight back to 1992."

Who do viewers think is the new Jet?

Gladiators' fans think Diamond could be the new Jet.
Gladiators' fans think Diamond could be the new Jet. (BBC)

Jet left viewers astonished with her moves on Gladiators in the 1990s. Now viewers think that Diamond has the potential to be the "new" Jet on the latest series. Among the comments on social media, one wrote: "Viper is the new wolf Diamond is the new jet But I’m loving nitro. Gladiators."

Diamond - real name Livi Sheldon - is a champion boxer and she is a statuesque 6ft tall. "When I was growing up I used to get picked on for being taller than everyone else. Now I get to show everyone that being unique is your superpower," she revealed. "I can’t wait to get into the arena and take on the contenders as Diamond."

Already she has impressed viewers at home with her performance and many referred to her as the new Jet of this generation. In the sea of comments, one fan wrote on social media platform X: "Diamond is my new Jet on Gladiators."

(L-R) Lightning, Jet and Scorpio, of the ITV series Gladiators, in London. (Getty)
(L-R) Lightning, Jet and Scorpio, of the ITV series Gladiators, in their heyday. (Getty)

Others added: "Gladiators so, viper is wolf, diamond is jet, we've got a replacement Saracen in Phantom (too chatty / happy to be shadow), a few other like for likes. The set up is perfect back in the Sheffield Arena. Loving it!"

"Watching Gladiators on bbc1. What a nostalgic throwback. Fun so far with great presentation. Diamond is definitely this generations Jet! Bradley Walsh presenting like the pro he is! Gladiators."

"Gladiators picking up where the 90s one left off. Whether the likes of Viper, Diamond and Legend capture the imaginations of the great British public the same way Wolf, Jet, Hunter & co did is yet to be seen but it’s a good start."

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