'My Orgasm Face Is On Camera': Robert Pattinson Admits Masterbating During Love Scenes

Robert Pattinson has admitted he "pleasured himself" when filming love scenes for 2008 movie Little Ashes in which he played Salvador Dali, proudly claiming that his "orgasm face" will forever be caught on camera.

The Twilight babe made the movie between the vampire saga's with ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart and it seems the 27 year-old is pretty committed to following through in his roles and decided not to fake it during the gay love scenes for the indie flick.

Rob played Dali in the movie about the legendary painter and his friendship and love affair with poet Federico García Lorca. When it came to the love scenes for the movie, according to the actor faking it “just doesn’t work,” so instead he went for the real thing.

He told German Interview magazine: “So I pleasured myself in front of the camera. My orgasm face is recorded for eternity.”

While it might be a shocking statement to make Rob claimed his life is already so in the spotlight, fans are able to find out intensely private information about him anyway.

“If you Google something about long enough you will know everything there is to know about me,” he claimed, “what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I’m sleeping, even what I look like when I masturbate."

Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes (WENN)

The actor is currently working on new movie David Cronenberg's Maps To The Stars in Los Angeles, but it's the Twilight Saga, in which he co-starred with former girlfriend Kristen Stewart, that propelled him to the levels of fame the British born star now experiences on a daily basis.

Insisting the life of an A lister isn't the non-stop party it's made out to be, the actor recently confessed it's a lot more lonely than people think.

Speaking to GQ Spain, the stud admitted that life as a heart-throb was difficult: "It’s strange, you can’t have a normal life.

"You spend a lot of time trying to fight it, but at the end you end up finding a new way to live. People don’t notice how lonely you are."

Though Rob, who first hit screens with a role in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, claimed it wasn't too bad as he'd managed to have a normal life before.

"In any case, I feel fortunate because I didn’t achieve success too young and I was at least able to have a life before," he said.

R-Patz has made it clear over the years he's not comfortable with fame and admitted that sometimes it can make people hate you: "When you become famous, it’s so easy for some people to hate you just because you are famous… So, you try to beat yourself up in order others cannot do it."

The stud has left Twilight behind now, but recently admitted in an interview they're hardcore fans are as active as ever.

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