Piers Morgan on Donald Trump’s Twitter snub: I’m over it

Piers Morgan says he is “over it” after being unfollowed on Twitter by Donald Trump.

The US president unfollowed Morgan after the TV host criticised his comments on using disinfectant to treat coronavirus as “stupid, reckless and dangerous”.

Now Morgan, 55, has told Good Morning Britain viewers: “I criticised him so harshly he’s unfollowed me on Twitter.

“There’s been a seismic split. We’ve broken up!”

Susanna Reid asked her co-host how it felt to discover “the world’s most powerful man had unfollowed you?”

Morgan replied: “I woke up, found that I’d been unfollowed. I’m over it. We’re good.

“If he doesn’t want to hear constructive criticism from a friend, that’s for him. He doesn’t have to.”

But he added: “I wish he would listen to me.”

Mr Trump needs to “pivot to being more presidential in a war footing and more empathetic and stop floating mad theories and having these stupid arguments with people. That’s all pre-corona”, Morgan said.

He added: “Other leaders have realised you’ve got to pivot, you’ve got to change… Everything changes and Trump hasn’t changed at all.

“We’re seeing the same guy you saw before and his opinion poll ratings are falling and that will probably cost him the election. It will be his own mouth that does it.”

Morgan told the ITV show: “I just hope he changes. It’s too serious. Fifty-five thousand Americans have died. Many more are going to die.

“He just needs to stand there and be the president of the United States and stop picking these stupid fights with people.”