Is Rihanna Fighting Off Illuminati With Satanic Tweets?

Is Rihanna Fighting Off Illuminati With Satanic Tweets?

Rihanna has fuelled speculation she is communicating with the Illuminati by posting a demonic message on Twitter.

The 23-year-old is known for sending subliminal messages, often writing lyrics of songs on Twitter, and also love messages to ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna recently wrote on her account: "Hope all is well... I miss u and I'm sending nothin but LOVE to you all! #1LOVE."

However, RiRi seemed to change her mood shortly after, then writing: "F**K U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!!"

The singer has started speculation that her initial tweet was to Breezy but after being rejected, wrote the latter message in retaliation.

Rihanna has long-been linked to elite group, the Illuminati, in addition to her boss Jay-Z and friends Kanye West and Beyonce.

Who do you think RiRi was referring to? Is she just attention-seeking? Do you believe in the Illuminati?

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