The Masked Singer UK clues and theories as stars 'rumbled'

Have you guessed The Masked Singer stars yet?

The Masked Singer: who is behind the mask? (ITV)
The Masked Singer: who is behind the mask? (ITV)

Social media is a whirlpool of the wildest theories as The Masked Singer returned to our screens. You would be forgiven for not recognising even your favourite celebrity hidden behind the mask.

It's one of the biggest guessing games on TV and even the show's judge Davina McCall admitted to storming off after seeing one of her friends unmasked this series. Fellow judge Mo Gilligan revealed how TV bosses keep The Masked Secret costumes top secret from everyone - even them!

Behind each elaborate costume are some of the biggest TV stars and singers - a previous series saw singer Ne-Yo as Badger, Nicola Roberts as Queen Bee and Joss Stone as Sausage. The list is endless. Thankfully, there are a few clues shared each episode to help fans try work out who could possibly be the person hiding behind the mask. So far, the guessing game has begun with many sharing their thoughts online.

Have any of the clues jumped out to you yet? Have you recognised any of your fave celebrities singing on stage under the costumes? Here are some of the best theories, just incase you want to see if you're on the right track...

Who is Rat?

Rat on masked Singer
The Rat on The Masked Singer. (ITV)

Viewers think they have rumbled the celebrity behind the Rat costume. Many were convinced it could be Coronation Street actor Claire Sweeney taking part in the 2024 reality competition. Clues about DIY could be linked to the actor as she previously hosted 60 Minute Makeover.

Plus, fans of the show were sure the overalls worn by the Rat could be tied to Sweeney's role on Coronation Street as her character works in a garage. Among the comments, one wrote: "Rat- Claire Sweeney? Boom Boom Boom Boom, I want you in my Changing Rooms?"

Another added: "Claire Sweeney as Rat is a brilliant shout... cleaner (soap links with brookside and Corrie) and mechanical connection with Tyrone... The Masked Singer ... Bless Fallyn is making up names too to get involved!"

Conversation was wild on social media as people tried to guess who it could possibly be. "RAT masked singer Claire Sweeney 60 minute makeover." Others wrote. "Having a guess at Claire Sweeney because of the early morning reference (big breakfast)."

Who is Big Foot?

Big Foot on The Masked Singer. (ITV)
Big Foot on The Masked Singer. (ITV)

Speculation has been rife about who could be Big Foot starring on The Masked Singer. The Last Leg star Alex Brooker was a popular choice for who could be behind the mask. Fans were convinced by the prosthetic leg shared by the costume.

Plus, Big Foot dropped a huge clue about working with a rhino in a sporting capacity. Brooker famously played rugby for the Leeds Rhinos Foundation PDRL team.

In a sea of comments, people predicted: "The Masked Singer UK - Big Foot is 100% Alex Brooker!!!!! Don’t even need the reveal it’s him. The bit where he was ‘rapping’ in the ‘You’re Welcome’ song switched the light on then the pit on his foot giving away The Last Leg connection - WAY TOO EASY!!!!!!!!!"

Others agreed, saying: "Big Foot is 100% Alex Brooker. The Masked Singer UK."Another tweeted The Last Leg where Brooker is a host, saying: "#isitok that I can’t wait to see how Alex will try to talk his way out of being Bigfoot."

Who is Dippy Egg?

Who is Dippy Egg on The Masked Singer?
Who is Dippy Egg on The Masked Singer? (ITV)

Strictly's Kelvin Fletcher was the name on everyone's lips when Dippy Egg's clue linked the costume to a farm. Fletcher has starred on Emmerdale and now lives on a farm with his wife Liz and their four children, making him a perfect fit for the role, with one writing: "dippy egg has got to be kelvin fletcher!"

"Could Dippy Egg be Kelvin Fletcher? He used to be in Emmerdale, and now runs a farm?" One fan asked among the comments. "Dippy egg could be kelvin fletcher.... Farm could be a link to emmerdale & he lives on a farm." Others added. "I think dippy egg could be kelvin fletcher who played Andy sugden in emmerdale."

Who is Cricket?

Who is Cricket on The Masked Singer? (ITV)
Who is Cricket on The Masked Singer? (ITV)

After hearing Cricket perform at the weekend, fans of the show were sure they had worked out Simon Webbe from Blue was behind the mask. Leading the troops, one wrote: "My guess for Cricket is the Blue singer Simon Webbe and I did listened to his band's song "One Love"."

"Cricket is Simon Webbe off've Blue surely?!" Others wrote. "Cricket is Simon Webbe." Another added: "Cricket sounds a bit like Simon Webbe." Meanwhile, judge McCall thought it could be Jay Blades because of the "blades" of grass in the video clue.

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