'Her final journey': Newspaper front pages on the Queen's state funeral

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The Queen's state funeral dominated the front pages of Britain's newspapers on Tuesday.

The late monarch's final journey was covered across the papers, which published iconic images from a momentous day in UK history.

The Daily Mail's front page showed the Queen's coffin being lowered into the Royal Vault at St George's Chapel in Windsor, along with the headline, "Her final journey".

The newspaper called the Queen's funeral the "greatest valediction in British if not world history".

The front page of The Daily Telegraph is adorned by an image of King Charles III placing the colours of the Grenadier Guards on his mother's coffin.

Its headline reads: "An outpouring of love".

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'Her final journey' was the Daily Mail's headline. (Daily Mail)
The Telegraph's front page has an image of King Charles III and his mother's coffin. (Daily Telegraph)
The Sun's front and back pages on Tuesday. (The Sun)

The paper reported that the National Grid recorded a two-gigawatt drop in power on Monday during the funeral, the equivalent of switching off 200 million light bulbs, as the nation stopped and watched events on their televisions.

"We sent her victorious", reads the front page of The Sun, which bears an image of the crowds watching the funeral cortège make its way into Windsor Castle.

Its back page shows the Queen's coffin being lowered into the Royal Vault, with the headlines, "God bless the Queen" and "God save the King".

The paper said an estimated one million people gathered along the 21-mile route between London and Windsor on Monday, saying the streets were "lined with love".

The Daily Express's front page on Tuesday. (Daily Express)
The Guardian calls it 'The final farewell'. (The Guardian)
A wrap on The Times shows the Queen's coffin entering Westminster Abbey. (The Times)


The Times has a wrap-around its front and back pages, showing the Queen's coffin being brought into Westminster Abbey, with the headline, "Carried to her rest".

The paper said the funeral was "flawless" and the "perfect farewell".

The Daily Express shows the Queen's coffin being carried into Westminster Abbey on the shoulders of eight guardsmen - an image which also features on the front pages of The Guardian and the Daily Mirror.

The Express has the headline, "God rest our Queen" on its front page, while the back proclaims, "God save the King" beside an image of Charles III.

The Mirror's front and back pages. (Daily Mirror)

The front page of Mirror bears the headline, "... until we meet again", while its back page shows one of the Queen's beloved corgis at Windsor, under the words, "Missing you..."

"The final farewell" is the front page headline on The Guardian, which says the "pomp and public spectacle" of the day was contrasted with the final Royal Family ceremony at Windsor away from the world's gaze.

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The i said it was 'The end of the Elizabethan age'. (The i)
The Financial Times quotes the Archbishop of Canterbury on its front page. (Financial Times)
Metro showed the huge crowds awaiting the funeral cortege in Windsor. (Metro)
The Independent's front page shows the King walking behind his mother's coffin. (Independent)
The Daily Star's front page focused on the Queen and Prince Philip. (Daily Star)

The i newspapers said it was "The end of the Elizabethan age" on its front page, while the Daily Star focused on the Queen being buried next to Prince Philip.

The Star's headline was, "Side by side, together, for ever". It called the late monarch the "People's Queen".

The Financial Times quoted the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's funeral sermon in its front page headline, which read: "People of loving service are rare in any walk of life. Leaders of loving service are still rarer."

The front page of USA reported on the Queen's funeral. (USA Today)
The Sydney Morning Herald's front page on Tuesday. (Sydney Morning Herald)
The Queen's funeral on the front page of the Dominion Post in New Zealand. (Dominion Post)
Austrian newspaper Der Standard also reported on the Queen's funeral. (Der Standard)

The Queen's state funeral also featured in newspaper front pages around the world.

USA Today said "throngs" of people were in London to say goodbye to the Queen.

"We'll meet again" was the front page headline on the Sydney Morning Herald.

The state funeral also featured on the front pages of The Dominion Post in New Zealand and Austria's Der Standard.

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