'Next year, a half marathon': Jelly Roll eyes new goal after completing 5k

Jelly Roll wants to run a half marathon.

The 39-year-old musician - whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord - completed his first 5km run on Tuesday (07.05.24) and his elation at finishing the 2 Bears 5k event at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California has made him set a bigger goal, with the 21.1km distance in his sights for the next year.

Explaining he feels "really motivated", he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I couldn't walk a mile when I started trying to do this back in January. So the fact that we got 3-point-whatever it was, got it down, I felt really, really good about it."

"I feel great, I'm a little tired. It was a little bit harder than I thought it was [going to be], but it's awesome, man.

"Next year, a half marathon! We're saying it now, absolutely!"

The 'Son of a Sinner' hitmaker has lost "like 50 to 70-something pounds" preparing for the 2 Bears 5k and hopes he has inspired other people.

He said: "I think the coolest thing is how many people stopped to tell us that they were motivated by us, other big guys. It was just really cool to see that."

Jelly was also impressed by the "eclectic group of people" that took part in the run.

He said: "There was a man running in a bear suit, there were people chugging beers... there were people setting personal records too!"

The 'Dead Man Blues' crooner recently declared he had been "really kicking a**" in his weight loss journey.

He told People: "I'm probably down 70-something pounds. I've been really kicking a***, man. I'm doing two to three miles a day, four to six days a week. I'm doing 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna, six minutes in a cold plunge every day. I'm eating healthy right now."

The 'Dead Man Blues' crooner has enjoyed major success over the last 12 months and believes his sudden award-winning triumphs could be down to the notion that his music "touches people" in a different way to other songs that are on the charts.