Here’s When the Next ‘Mary & George’ Episode Will Be on Your Screens

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‘Mary & George’ Will Be in Your Life Until MayRory Mulvey

A hot, twisted historical drama that's actually based on a true story? Mary & George, the new limited series on Starz that starz stars Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine as a scheming mother and son, has me intrigued AF and I can't wait to watch the next episode. It almost feels cruel how Starz is dragging this limited series out, but as it is about infamous manipulative masters of seduction I'm not sure what I expected. Kinda feels like the characters would approve of this release schedule.

Set in the early 1600s, the series is about a social climber named Mary Villiers who positioned her son to become the favorite of King James I—whose queerness was an open secret in court—by basically sending him to France to learn how to be hot. Because that was a thing back in the day I guess! The ensuing affair between George and James caused a whole lot of drama, as I'm sure you can imagine and as we see in the series.

When does Mary & George premiere?

If you're watching the new series on Starz, the show premieres on April 5 at midnight on the Starz app, at 9 p.m. ET in the United States on Starz, and at 10 p.m. ET in Canada on Starz.

How many episodes of Mary & George are there?

There will be seven episodes in this miniseries in total.

When does the next episode of Mary & George drop?

Friday! New episodes will drop every Friday, beginning April 5 and ending on May 17. Time-wise, the release schedule will be the same as the premiere. Subscribers can stream the episodes on the Starz at midnight on Fridays, and those tuning in to Starz on cable can watch in the evening.

Here’s the full release schedule for Mary & George:

  • Episode 1 "The Second Son," April 5

  • Episode 2 "The Hunt," April 12

  • Episode 3 "Not So Much as Love as by Awe," April 19

  • Episode 4 "The Wolf and the Lamb," April 26

  • Episode 5 "The Golden City," May 3

  • Episode 6 "The Queen Is Dead," May 10

  • Episode 7 "War," May 17

Why does it feel like Mary & George already out?

Those lucky scoundrels in the UK got the series a little bit earlier. The full season dropped on Sky Atlantic on March 5. So if you've already had certain moments spoiled in gif form online (bummer), that's why. Some people have already seen it. Stay safe out there!

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