ESPN's NFL draft coverage went extremely heavy on tragedy, and everyone noticed

Ryan Young
·3-min read

Throughout its coverage of the NFL draft on Thursday and Friday, ESPN highlighted several personal tragedies and extremely sad backstories of the league’s newest players.

In fact, the network seemed to do so constantly — and it didn’t take fans long to notice.

Now, it’s not like ESPN was making up or exaggerating anything. They were all legit, tragic, heartbreaking stories that are worth being told — like a player whose family battled drug addiction, another whose family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, car accidents and more.

It just never stopped. In many cases, the tragic story came almost immediately after the pick was announced, too.

The network released a statement to Sporting News about its coverage on Saturday.

“Our NFL draft coverage analyzes the prospects on the field and introduces the human side of the players by telling their stories, including the obstacles their families have overcome as part of the journey to the NFL.”

Once fans picked up on the trend, though, there were plenty of jokes to be made on social media.

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