NI family 'lucky to be alive' after tumble dryer blaze as they were in bed

A Co Antrim family has had to leave their home after a fire in their home, which began at their tumble dryer.

Carly Curran was in bed, as was her husband and their two children, when were woken by neighbours knocking their door and their dog barking to alert them of the blaze. Carly says she wants to highlight their ordeal, to raise awareness so that it doesn't happen to any other family.

On Wednesday night, shortly after 1am, they had to call the NI Fire and Rescue Service, who the family has praised for their response time, and efforts.

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"It happened while we were sleeping, the tumble dryer had finished before we went to sleep so we presumed it was all grand," Carly told Belfast Live.

"We aren't sure how, but the machine caught fire. Our neighbours had made us aware as their carbon monoxide alarm went off and then they seen smoke coming from our garage so their knocking at our door and our dogs very loud barking woke us up. We are extremely grateful for them.

"We have had to leave the house as the boiler and electricity board have completely melted, there's no water either as the fire service had to turn it off.

"We're shook up but lucky to be alive, and I want to mention how grateful we are for the quick response of the emergency services as they were there in minutes and were amazing.

"We never thought it would happen to us and you never do until it does. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else."

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